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Astra Abilities, Agent Selection Screen And Contract Skin

VALORANT, which has a large player base, continues to excite its fans with its new agent. The abilities of Astra, which we tried to guess with the clues leaked for days, became clear two days ago. Although the abilities were leaked, many players raised questions about the use and effects of the abilities. Thereupon, a video showing Astra’s abilities was released.

Gravity Well

The first skill shown in the video, “Gravity Well” skill, creates an area that draws opponents to the center, then explodes, making opponents in the field fragile. After placing the ability, you blow it up later like Killjoy’s “Nanoswarm bomb”. It seems inevitable for the new agent Astra and Killjoy to make very powerful combos for the new season.

Nova Pulse

Similar to his other skills, the “Nova Strike”, which she leaves in the form of a sphere, explodes after charging for a short time. It shakes all the players in her region. Competitors that have suffered a shaking, just like Breach’s earthquake, will become targets a lot easier. As seen from the video, this shake seems to be really annoying for the competitors.


Our Controller new agent has clouds of smoke like other agents in her group. The “Nebula” skill, which I like in terms of color and animation, can be placed in other places with a short waiting time after it is placed somewhere.


Another feature of Astra is that it is a different mechanic that we do not encounter in other agents. In the shared video, we see that 5 shapes are filled. She can throw as many skill, namely spheres, as the filled shape. In addition, it is possible to hover over the thrown spheres and get them back with the F key. Retrieved spheres can be reused after a short cooldown.

Astral Form / Cosmic Divide

The “Astral Form“, which we will constantly enter while playing Astra, opens the panel where the abilities are placed. After making the necessary placements while in the astral form, when the ultimate skill is activated, a huge wall opens and divides the map into two. Similar to the Viper’s wall ability, the “Cosmic Divide” ability ensures that no bullets can pass through the wall and the sound is highly insulated. However, you may encounter unwanted abilities sent by your opponents because the abilities pass through the wall.

The weapon skin on Astra’s agent contract, which will shine like a star in the controller group, has also been revealed. The skin for the Ghost weapon of Astra, which was leaked with its colorful cosmic theme, is given below.

Another leak that excited the VALORANT community was its cool appearance on the agent selection screen. Astra’s selection screen video, which is similar to the leaked promotional video in Russian, was shared by Valorant Leaks .

In VALORANT, most players love to play Duelists, while a Controller like Astra seems to provide the balance with her abilities. Astra’s abilities will be very advantageous if the right combos are used with her teammates. In my opinion, the gameplay will be very enjoyable in terms of both visual and usage. We hope that the new agent Astra will not disappoint us. For more news, you can check out the links below.

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