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Dota: Dragon’s Blood Gets a Full Trailer

Two weeks after its announcement, a trailer for Dota: Dragon’s Blood has been released. Based on Valve’s world-famous Dota game, the anime is made by Studio Mir. Dota: Dragon’s Blood will be released on Netflix on March 25.

You can find the official trailer down below:

With this trailer, we have been able to see several different characters in the game such as; Mirana, Invoker and Luna. You can find out the full casting down below:

Dota: Dragon's Blood casting

As previously stated, the story will follow dragon hunter Davion before he gets into some events way over his head. As far as I understand from the trailer, these events will take place around the moon goddess Selemene. So, lore wise it is only natural to have the characters Miranda and Luna. Also, it made me happy to hear the deep voice of Invoker. The anime seems to have backstabbing and conspiracies, I can’t wait to watch it!


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