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BBL Esports Enters the Pubg Arena!

BBL Esports announced their entrance to the PUBG arena with a new video where they published on their official Twitter account. New players were the former Digital Athletics players but now they are part of the BBL team.

In addition, BBL Esports announced that they switched to a new logo design in the published video.

The organization recently revised the VALORANT Team. Semih “LEGOO” Selvi was benched after the bad results in the tournaments. Then, Batuhan “Russ” Malgaç made an agreement with the newly formed Blaze Esports team. Nevertheless, BBL Esports has added a new game to its arenas.

Following the revisions made in the VALORANT team, the entrance to the PUBG arena in a short time was greeted with surprise by the fans. Let’s take a look at the video where the PUBG team was announced.

We have news for you!

The names in the PUBG squad draw attention. Because these players were the players of the Digital Athletics organization in the past weeks. These players could not agree with their teams on bonuses and salaries. As a result of this, there was a crisis between the players and the management. The players had announced the injustices against them on their social media accounts. The Digital Athletics team then removed those statements. Then management prepared a farewell clip for the players.

Here are the players of the former Digital Athelitcs team, or the new PUBG roster of BBL Esports:

  • Neşet Murat ”SIXMO” Öztürk
  • Şamil ”MITRALEIUS” Özkan
  • Mert ”MERT” Güngör
  • Mehmet Furkan ”SMASH” Şanlı
  • Bünyamin ”CODEMARKO” Yalçınkaya

This PUBG squad had represented Turkey in the international arena in the best way. Now they will compete under the name of BBL Esports. There is a big factor that makes the management happy. This PUBG roster is a whole and the players know each other closely. BBL Esports is expected to take part in the PCS Tournament with this new team.

On the other hand, the Digital Athletics team is expected to announce their new players by making an announcement.

Semih ”LEGOO” Selvi Announced That He’ll Give a Break To The Professional Arena

Blaze Esports Adds pAura & Russ To Its Roster

Ali Anıl Tonka
Ali Anıl Tonka
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