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Our Interview With Berkay ‘buzlumuzlusut‘ Tekin

VCT Masters Turkey has started and we managed to interview Berkay ‘Buzlumuzlusut‘ Tekin after a heated game.

fastPay Wildcats and Zero Zone came face to face during the first game. The fastPay Wildcats team, formerly known as No Org Found, during both of the maps, the team struggled. However, they managed to play well at the end of the match and won 13-10 in Split and 13-9 in Ascent. In the end, fastPay Wildcats won the series with a score of 2-0.

Interview With Berkay ‘Buzlumuzlusut‘ Tekin

After the match, fastPay Wildcats moved up to the upper group. We reached Berkay ‘Buzlumuzlusut‘ Tekin and asked some questions.

You played your first match under a new name. What impact has it had on your game today?

  • Solving the organizational work gave the team an overall comfort. Some questions also have disappeared. Plus, when we started working with our coach, a great deal of workload was also removed from our shoulders. So, everyone could focus on their game.

You announced your new structure just a few days before the tournament. How was the decision making process?

  • For a long time, we considered offers from both Turkey and Europe. We could not find an organization we wanted, which we could agree on both financially and morally. fastPay Wildcats reached us at the last minute. When our goals met on a common ground, the process was completed within 24 hours.

You played the clutches very well throughout the series, did you do any special practice for this?

  • We didn’t do any special practice for the clutches, but I can say that we made special choices regarding the team composition. While establishing this team, we wanted everyone to have a high clutch capacity and to win the round regardless of whoever was left at the end. We paid special attention to this. Now, we reap the fruits of our labor and I think we will continue to do so in the future.

You responded very well to the opponent in the first rounds of Ascent map, however afterwards your performances fell until the middle of the second half. What do you think was the reason for this?

  • We make micro mistakes. These errors emerge, perhaps with complacency or individual concentration losses. These micro errors can cause 3-4 rounds of loss in a row. But despite these mistakes, I think we managed well to pull off the match.

We thank Berkay ‘buzlumuzlusut‘ Tekin for answering our questions. We wish fastPay Wildcats success in the remainder of the VCT Masters tournament!


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