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Bigpicture Interactive Announces WCG RIVALS #1 Korea vs Japan To Be Held in WCG 2022-23

Bigpicture Interactive, an esports company, has revealed the first WCG event for this year and announced it will celebrate the opening of WCG 2022-23 by hosting WCG of WCG Rivals #1 Korea vs Japan, from the 16th to 18th this month.

WCG Rivals, the first event presented by the new WCG, is an invitational event featuring competition between rival nations or organizations and will be held periodically throughout WCG’s duration. In WCG Rivals #1 Korea vs Japan held this week, pro teams and influencers from Korea and Japan will participate and compete with national pride at stake. The event will be streamed live for 3 days, from the 16th to the 18th, through Youtube, Twitch, and AfreecaTV, and Korean, Japanese, and English commentary will be provided.

WCG Rivals#1 Korea vs Japan will feature 3 game titles; Hearthstone, Clash Royale, and VALORANT. The Hearthstone match will be held on the 16th at 6 PM (GMT+9), between the Korean team comprising Portia, Looksam, rimgosu, and Pusa, and the Japanese team comprising of SeseiSei, Yanase, MATSURI, and Satellite, with a total prize pool of 20,000 USD at stake. The match is the first event in WCG history to feature Battlegrounds mode, and the checkmate rule will be applied.

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For WCG Rivals#1 Korea vs Japan Clash Royale match on the 17th at 6 PM (GMT+9), players who have made their names through tournaments and live streaming will play up to 7 rounds with a total prize pool of 20,000 USD at stake. In the first round, Korea’s Team X bow (SandBox, Line, X-bow master) will go against Japan’s Team Samurai Blue (TenGod, KK, yakitori). Korea’s Team juacco (JupiterKing, Coco, Aaron) will compete in the second round with Japan’s Hinomaru Red (Pandora, GRIKO, RAD).

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WCG Rivals#1 Korea vs Japan VALORANT match, which will culminate the event finale, will be broadcasted live at 6 PM (GMT+9) on the 18th, and will also feature pro teams representing their countries. In the first match, influencer teams will play and the pro teams will be playing in the second match. Many of the influencers are ex-professional players and are expected to show an interesting match.

Korean influencers, FiveK, EscA, ryujehong, ANS, and LEETAEJUN, will go against Japan’s influencers, ade, mittiii, MOTHER3, SurugaMonkey, and Clutch_Fi. The following match will have Korea’s pro team, DWG KIA, and Japan’s pro team, SCARZ, and the teams will show off their skills honed through VCK and VCT. SCARZ is a team that is gaining a lot of attention in Japan’s VALORANT esports scene, with all members of former BLUE BEES from VCT 2022: Japan Stage 2 Challengers, on the roster.

To celebrate WCG Rivals #1 Korea vs Japan, Bigpicture Interactive will also hold diverse events for the viewers. First, a real-time winner prediction poll, the ‘I Choose You’ event, and the cheer comment event ‘Cheer Up!’ will be available during the live broadcast days. In addition, the ‘Land Pixel Art Challenge’ in which participants draw goods images for each game title at WCG LAND, will be held from the 14th. Bigpicture Interactive will select the winners of each event through a raffle, and present them with diverse goods related to Hearthstone, Clash Royale, and VALORANT.

More details concerning WCG Rivals#1 Korea vs Japan can be found through the official WCG platform, WCG newsfeed, and WCG social media. 

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