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FUT Agreed With Atahan “Mr_Kane” Dikmen!

FUT Esports announced that they agree with Atahan “Mr_Kane” Dikmen to be Head of Esports of FUT Esports!

Recently Papara SuperMassive Blaze announced that they parted ways with Atahan “Mr_Kane” Dikmen. Atahan was one of the founding partners of Papara SuperMassive Blaze and also he was the team’s VALORANT manager and general manager.

After Mr_Kane and Papara SuperMassive Blaze parted ways, there were rumors about Mr_Kane joining BBL Esports. But it didn’t happen and FUT Esports announced that Atahan “Mr_Kane” Dikmen start his new path in FUT Esports. Atahan “Mr_Kane” Dikmen will be Head of Esports in FUT Esports.

There are still many victories to be achieved, many championships to be won, many trophies to be lifted. Welcome to the club @AtahanDikmen! ❤️

Fut Esports

After Mr_Kane’s transfer, The Executive staff of FUT Esports is:

  • Sinan Dursunoğlu -> CEO
  • Cesur Sünnetçioğlu -> CEO
  • Baki Can Kadıoğlu -> General Manager
  • Atahan Dikmen -> Head of Esports
  • Berke Mol -> Manager
FUT Mr_Kane

Who is Mr_Kane?

Atahan “Mr_Kane” Dikmen, is a 30-year-old esports manager. He started his career with the PUBG Esports manager position in Galatasaray Esports. After his transfer to Papara SuperMassive Blaze, he stayed there for 3 and a half years.

He is still an official member of Galatasaray SK.

He tasted championships in:

  • GLL Wingman Series VIII ’19 (PUBG)
  • PGS Berlin MEA Finals’20 (PUBG)
  • Fastpay Turkish Championships’20 (PUBG)
  • Red Bull M.E.O S3 Turkey ’20 (PUBGM)
  • VESTEL CUP ’20 #1 (Rocket League)
  • TESFED Turkish Cup’20 (TEKKEN)
  • TESFED Turkish Cup’20 (Rocket League)
  • YEE CUP ’21 (Rocket League)
  • ESA ’21 (PUBGM)
  • Red Bull M.E.O West World Finals ’21 (PUBGM)
  • BPL’21 (NBA)
  • VCT 2021 TR Challengers (Valorant)
  • TESFED Turkish Cup’21 (NBA)
  • TESFED Turkish Cup ’21 (Rocket League)
  • PCS5 MEA Finals ’21 (PUBG)
  • KFCxAlgida Finals ’21 (Rocket League)
  • Origin Series August ’21 (WildRift)
  • Intel Monsters Reloaded ’21 (Rocket League)
  • PMPL Turkey S2 ’21 (PUBGM)
  • Red Bull M.E.O Turkey S4 ’21 (WildRift)
  • TEBL Season 2 ’21 (NBA 2K)
  • VCT Challengers1 Turkey ’22 (Valorant)
  • ESA Rebels 4 ’22 (Valorant FE)

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