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Blaze Esports & SuperMassive Announce a Merger

Two of the biggest Turkish esports organizations Blaze Esports and SuperMassive have announced a merger. The news came from the Twitter accounts of Blaze Esports and SuperMassive.

Valuable Esports community, today, we are excited to share a very important news for us. This great merger will be realized as of June 1, 2021 and our team will continue with the name of “SUPERMASSIVE BLAZE”. We have set out to make you proud with our company partners, management and teams consisting of the best esports players in Turkey, who have great experience in gaming, esports and sports.

As of June 1, by competing in 12 different branches, we will not only try to be the best in Turkey in every branch they compete, but we will also work hard to represent Turkish esports outside of Turkey in the best way.

The branches we plan to compete after the merger will be as follows:

VALORANT (Male / Female)

League of legends PUBG Mobile (Male / Female)





Tekken 7


Wild Rift

Thank you very much for sharing our excitement.

SuperMassive Blaze

According to the post, starting on June 1st, both organizations will merge under the SuperMassive Blaze banner. This new organization will have teams competing across 10 different games and 12 branches.

Blaze Esports has recently come under the spotlight with their new VALORANT team transfers. While SuperMassive also has a very experienced management team and is one of the long-established esports clubs in Turkey. Bora Koçyiğit, the co-founder of Blaze Esports, is a former Riot Games Turkey Office Manager and has been dominating the esports arena for a long time.

I think that the combination of these two orginizations will bring international success in the many branches they compete.


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