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Digital Athletics Announce Their New PUBG Roster

Turkish esport organization Digital Athletics have announced their new PUBG roster. Instead of going with Turkish players, the organization choose a mixed international team.

The disbandment of the previous PUBG roster, which only had Turkish players, had a bit of drama behind it. Although the old roster was successful, the players had a rough time with the management. This led to surprise disbandment and later on the previous players joined BBL Esports, another prominent Turkish esport organization.

Here is Digital Athletics’ new PUBG roster:

  • pixel1k
  • vardFPS
  • ubah
  • Xiong

The new players are all veterans that have experience, so the fans of the organization seems to be satisfied with the new team.

As Esportimes, we wish Digital Athletics and its new players success in upcoming PUBG competitions!


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