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BlizzCon 2021 Schedule Revealed

BlizzCon 2021 is closer than ever. The online-only event will be held between 20-21 February, just two weeks from now. Activision Blizzard also revealed the schedule for the event. You can check it here.

According to the schedule, the event will start on Friday, Feb. 19, at 2 p.m. PST with an opening ceremony. Expect some trailers and big news inside this hour long ceremony. Then there will be  “What’s Next” panels for World of Warcraft and Diablo. These panels usually offer a more in-depth look at the trailers and other such things.

Regarding World of Warcraft, there will definitely be some post expansion patch and content details. Some updates to World of Warcraft Classic might also be on the table.

In our previous article, that you can read here, we stated that Diablo 4 & Overwatch 2 won’t be released in 2021, however, we are expecting some juicy news from Blizzcon.

There is definitely going to be some new footage from Diablo 4, maybe some new class and story details. A remaster of Diablo 2 is also in the works, so expect some news on that front. There is also, the mobile game, Diablo Immortal which made a lot of fans really angry in Blizzcon 2018.

Other properties such as Overwatch, Hearthstone, and StarCraft have smaller presences inside the schedule. Overwatch is almost at the end of its cycle with Overwatch 2 on the horizon, which will get a behind the scenes look on Friday. There are no new plans for anything StarCraft related and Hearthstone is well…Hearthstone.

We might also get a sneak peek of some new IPs, however, I am not too optimistic in that regard. We heard many times that Blizzard was “working on some new IPs, though they also have a reputation of killing their games in the development phase. I would be happy to see just a teaser.

Blizzard games have become “stale” in the last couple of years, but during the BlizzCon they always make me feel like I am in their golden age, so I am looking forward to it. With it being online This year it will certainly be different though.


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