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Blumigan: “We’re Absolutely Confident We Have A Chance to Make It Out Of Groups.”

Even though they generally had a rough year, Rogue had some memorable successes as well. Alongside a third and a second place finish in the playoffs and one first place finish in the regular season, their coaching team won “The Best Coaching Staff” award.

One key factor regarding these awards and top three finishes alongside fredy and the lineup was Marcus “Blumigan” Blom, the second coach of Rogue. We talked to him about being in the Group of Death, how new metas are born and so on.

Esportimes: First of all welcome. Thanks for your time after the defeat against FPX. But it was a much closer defeat than many people expected. In the first three matches of the group stage, you went 1-2. Now you have only three matches left. Do you think you are prepared to face all 3 of your opponents in one day?

Blumigan: We have to win two games or more now to make it out of groups. But we’re absolutely confident that we have a chance to make it there.

EST: I also believe in Rogue and I hope you make it out of group. Thanks to Jankos, you guys play in the group of death, so to say. Does being in a hard group and being underestimated by most people effect your motivation?

Blumigan: It doesn’t effect our motivation at all. Obviously, we had quite a bit to prove from playoffs. I think everyone was really hungry to prove everyone wrong. So it didn’t really change anything. We just wanted to make it out as far as possible.

EST: As a representative of EU, what do you think about the performances of your fellow EU teams?

Blumigan: With the circumstances of Fnatic, it’s not very looking very good for them. I still believe MAD has more to show. But I don’t think any EU team shown anything special so far.

EST: I wanted to ask more about the drafting side of things than the results. Worlds meta is always ever changing and filled with new picks from season to season. How do people find the new best picks? Is it just reading patch notes?

Blumigan: I mean, it’s like reading patch notes, solo queue and then you try out different champions. Then eventually you see and pick up one champion and then see if it’s coming to meta. A lot of teams came to Worlds playing with a few different metas, because they haven’t practiced with different teams. Then you face something new, and then you pick up a new champion cause you think its really broken or fits well into meta. That’s how I think metas form.

EST: So it’s more like different league cultures facing each other and making the best meta, the Worlds meta.

Blumigan: I mean, something like that, yeah. Cause there is always the best team, right? They will play with a different style or different champions than others. I think Irelia is a good example that is picked up in here at Worlds. Because all the Chinese and Korean teams are putting high priority on the champion.

EST: Yeah, we mostly see it banned against them. I think it was left open once. And that’s in the match being played right now (PSG vs Fnatic). Speaking of new picks, which new pick is performing the best right now in your opinion?

The only Worlds 2021 Groups match where Irelia is not picked nor banned.

Blumigan: I actually have to think. Cause it’s like 3 patches between LEC playoffs and Worlds. What’s the new strongest pick, I guess.. Trying to think about everything. Irelia, is obviously a good pick. I think Tryndamere sees some play with different kind of success. Talon, Qiyana and obviously Yuumi. Yuumi is super broken. It is also an old pick coming back. But I think enchanter supports have seen way more play than used to before.

EST: Yeah Nami for instance, mostly next to Lucian.

Blumigan: Lucian come back as well. Lucian is super strong.

EST: Yeah we saw that in your match. Hans Sama was a beast with it yesterday. I know that you’re not going to tell me if there is a sleeper OP pick that you know. But can you tell me if we’ll see any new champions in the next four days of groups or will it be the same picks?

Blumigan: I think, general meta will be the same. But I think obviously with some practice, some new picks will show up, so I guess we will see that sooner or later.

EST: Thank you so much for this interview. I hope to see those new picks in upcoming days and Rogue performing well in the next three matches and make it out of groups to surprise everyone.

Blumigan and the rest of the Rogue team are amongst the first teams who will play three games a day in the second and final part of group stage. I very sincerely hope they disprove everyone and make it out to show that Rogue were not in the Group of Death, rather they were the Group of Death.

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Aykut Sapaz
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