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Çamlıca Esports Became The Champion of TESL CUP #7!

TESL CUP #7 is complete! 51 Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams fought fiercely in TESL CUP #7. 36 foreign players from 8 different countries participated in the tournament. In the end, Çamlıca Esports, one of the successful esports clubs of Turkey, won the tournament in which 320 esports players competed in total.

Despite falling 1-0 behind, Çamlıca Espor team won the match by 2-1 with their individual performances. We congratulate @unityesportsteam for their outstanding performance until now and wish them continued success.

Turkish representative faced Unity Esports team in the final match. Even though Çamlıca Esports was behind by 1-0 in the beginning, they managed to turn things around. As a result, Çamlıca Esports finished the tournament as the champion by winning the match by 2-1.

Tournament rewards were distributed as follows:

  1. 300 TL
  2. 150 TL
  3. 50 TL

The latest match of Inferno, Dust2 and Nuke was broadcasted live on the TESL Twitch channel. You can watch the replays of the matches.

The teams qualified to participate in the “Azerbaijan Friendship Championship” to be held in the following days have been announced!

  • Çamlıca Esports
  • Unity Esports
  • Paris Esports
  • Nosferantus Esports

The series will be completed with another tournament next week. After this tournament, 4 more teams will qualify for the Azerbaijan Friendship Championship.

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Ecem Subaşılar
Ecem Subaşılar
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