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Cloud9 Completed Its Valorant Squad With Leaf

Cloud9, which has been incomplete since the professional player of North America TenZ quit from the esports scene, was trying to find someone that will make up for TenZ’s place. The anticipation of the new transfer was continuing to increase. Finally, Cloud9 completed its Valorant squad with 17 years old Nathan ‘leaf‘ Orf.

Professional player Nathan ‘leaf‘ Orf was the last to join Cloud9 Valorant team. Leaf was released on December 3, when the Chaos Esports team disbanded the CS:GO team. After that, he decided to end his CS:GO career, which lasted for 2 years and added many successes to this short period, and switched to Valorant.

In fact, we saw Leaf in Valorant before this final decision. He also played stand-in in a total of 3 tournaments in Cloud9 Valorant roster. Both sides must have left this experience happily so that Leaf is now officially a part of the Cloud9 Valorant team.

After Shinobi left the team at the beginning of December and TenZ took a break from the professional arena recently, Cloud9 team was lacking. The first of these deficiencies was covered with Leaf.

Current Cloud9 Valorant Roster:

  • Skyler ‘Relyks‘ Weaver
  • Mitch ‘mitch‘ Semago
  • Daniel ‘vice‘ Kim
  • Nathan ‘leaf‘ Orf
  • James ‘jamezIRL‘ Macaulay (Kaptan)

The question of who will join as the last player is still a matter of concern. However, I think Cloud9 will announce it very soon. Do you think Cloud9 will be able to give its fans what they want with its almost completed staff?

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