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Cned’s Team Got Eliminated in the Red Bull Tournament

Valorant, the most popular fps game in recent times, also hosts many professional players in the esports scene. The talented players taking part in the tournaments and their rivalries take place. One of these talented players is Mehmet İpek, known as cNed. Mehmet “cNed” İpek and his team, who temporarily played for Don’t Even Ask, were disqualified from the Red Bull Home Grand tournament for also playing in another local Riot tournament.

Don’t even ask, who beat Prominence and VISU Gaming 13-3 in group D, was disqualified and eliminated from the tournament, even though they beat the Team Finest by 13-8 in the group semi-finals.

Mehmet “cNed” İpek stated that he found this tournament rule ridiculous, by reacting on both Twitter and vlr.gg.

Red Bull executives stated that the rule booklet is open to everyone and players must read the rule booklet.

This kind of situations probably depressed cNed and his squad. Although I cannot fully understand what this rule was set for and what it was intended for, I would expect professional players participating in such tournaments to know and act accordingly. You can use the links below for our other news.

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