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cNed’s New Team: Raise Your Edge Gaming

Mehmet Yağız ‘cNed‘ İpek’s new team is announced! He will continue his Valorant career in the Germany-based team, Raise Your Edge Gaming.

The team was announced with a video post on Twitter. They will compete in the Europe region, and their goal is to become one of the best 5 teams in Europe.

Raise Your Edge Gaming Valorant Roster:

  • Mehmet Yağız ‘cNed‘ İpek
  • Jose Luis ‘koldamenta‘ Aranguren Herrero
  • Santeri ‘Bonecold‘ Sassi
  • Patryk ‘Starxo‘ Kopczyński
  • Vladyslav ‘Kiles‘ Shvets
  • Laurynas ‘Nbs‘ Kisielius (Coach)

Previously, the same team has participated in Red Bull Home Ground Tournament under the name of Don’t even ask. However, they got disqualified from the tournament just before moving up to the main event. The reason for that was participating in another tournament, LVP Series, at the same time.

Cned’s Team Got Eliminated In The Red Bull Tournament

Where Did They Play Before?

We see that a number of talented and fairly young players have come together in the Raise Your Edge Gaming Valorant roster. In fact, the team’s age average is 22. The most experienced member of the team is 27-year-old former pro PUBG player koldamenta. His main agent is Sova.

Kiles, another member of the team, has participated in quite a few Valorant tournaments despite his young age – he is only 23 years old. Also, he has previously played alongside with koldamenta for 2 months in Movistar Riders. For sure, this will improve the general energy of the team. His main agents are Cypher and Killjoy.

Starxo, the youngest player of the team after cNed, had played in Entropiq’s Valorant team for 4 months. His main agent is Reyna.

As for Bonecold‘s career history, he had played in the Finnish team hREDS before. And, his main agent is Omen.

Turkish player cNed started his professional Valorant career in BBL Esports. After that, he transferred to nolpenki, and was not in a team ever since nolpenki had disbanded. His main agent is Jett.

Nbs, the coach of the team, played PUBG and League of Legends professionally before. Also, he was the manager of nolpenki.

Raise Your Edge Gaming is entering the Valorant stage for the first time. Previously, they had entered PUBG and StarCraft II arenas. With this promising team, they seem to try achieving their ‘being in the top 5 in Europe’ goal. We will be following them on their journey.

We wish Raise Your Edge Gaming success in the Valorant stage with this new team!

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