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EA Annouced a Mobile Battlefield Game!

EA made a surprise announcement in a blog post, that a mobile Battlefield game was in the works.

The announcement said that details about the new AAA Battlefield game would be released in the coming months. DICE, the long time producer of the series will collaborate with Criterion and DICE LA for the new game. The new will be released in late 2021 and is currently in the testing phase.

This new game will only come to PS5, Xbox Series and PC platforms. Of course, with a new console generation, DICE says that the game will support more players and destruction than before.

The second part of the announcement was dedicated to the mobile game. The mobile Battlefield game will be produced by Industrial Toys and released sometime in 2022. It has been emphasized here that the two games will be completely different.

Frankly, After the Diablo Immortal fiasco that happened some years ago, I see it as a smart move for EA to announce a mobile Battlefield game like this. If they had announced such a game at a big event, I’m sure they would have angered a lot of players.

In recent years, the release of mobile versions of popular game such as LoL, Call of Duty, PUBG would have sooner or later affected the Battlefield series. The costs of these games are relatively lower and they are played by a lot more people. A money company like EA would of course take this opportunity to make mobile versions of its favorite series. Apex Legend also had its mobile version announced recently.

Personally, I’m very excited about the next generation Battlefield game. It looks like it will be one of the first games that will show the power of next generation consoles.


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