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ESA Open Fire All Stars Begins!

ESA Open Fire All Stars, Turkey’s VALORANT tournament with the biggest prize pool, starts on August 2nd. The finals of the tournament, which will be completed on August 7, will be played as LAN at the ESA Esports Arena.

ESA Open Fire All Stars, where 8 of Turkey’s biggest VALORANT teams will compete. The tournament will be between 2-7 August. Our chance to watch a big tournament after VCT seems to lock us up to the big screen. The fact that the VCT Stage 3 Week 2 will be completed on July 31 increases the possibility of seeing even the teams competing in this tournament.

The 8 teams that will participate in the tournament. Those teams will be announced by ESA on 19 July. We estimate that one of these 8 teams will be FOXNGAME. FOXNGAME became the champion and won the 30,000₺ prize from ESA Open Fire Summer. Another team that is likely to participate in the tournament in our opinion is Supermassive Blaze. It seems like a great opportunity for Blaze to prove themselves again. They completed the 3rd Stage 1st Week of VCT Turkey as a champion.

Big Teams, Big Prizes

ESA Open Fire All Stars is starting! ESA Open Fire All Stars, where 8 big teams of Turkey will compete for a prize pool of 125,000 TL; Between 2-7 August. Wait until July 19 for the teams that will appear at ESA Open Fire All Stars!

ESA Esports

The final of the tournament with a prize pool of 125,000₺ will be played at the ESA Esports Arena in Istanbul. ESA will announce more tournament information on its social media accounts.

gAndhi, who manages the PROTALKS at ESA Esports TV, might be found among the team commentators of the tournament. In addition, Özgür “root” Alagül and Alican “Karahan” Karahan, who presented ESA Open Fire Summer, are among the people who can be there as well.

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