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Riot Games Returns Back to Old Stage Layout!

Esport tournaments have been organized offline for nearly 2 years due to Covid-19. But now Covid-19 has less impact on humans when we compare the past 2 years. Thanks to this situation people started to turn back to their normal life. Therefore, Riot Games will take the opportunity to return back to its normal layout.


LoLespor posted an image about Esport on Twitter late last night. LoLespor said that leagues can now be played in player rooms as in the old order in the post. From Saturday, July 7, the games will be available in the player rooms. Furthermore, LoLespor said that matches could be played from player rooms in the coming weeks. Riot Games also announced that it is working to ensure that matches are no longer played offline. LoLespor also said the matches would include a variety of health measures.

We haven’t been able to experience the excitement we longed for because of the pandemic. However, due to the improving situation and the increasing number of people vaccinated, we seem to be catching up with this longing. Those exciting matches that everyone misses come back into our lives from Saturday, July 17th!

You can watch the matches live by clicking here.

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Hurşit Can Şahin
Hurşit Can Şahin
Hayvanları seven, oyunlarla içli dışlı olan ve az biraz e-spor ile ilgilenen içinizden birisi.


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