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ESEA Admin Kamil Plichta Responds to MAJ3R

ESEA Admin Kamil Plichta responded to Sangal Esports Team Captain Engin “MAJ3R” Küpeli’s complaint concerning the server issue in ESEA Premier Season 36.

Sangal Esports Gets Its Second Win In ESEA Premier League S36

In yesterday’s ESEA Premier Season 36 Europe match between PACT and Sangal Esports, the Turkish team Sangal had some issues regarding the server. After the team captain, MAJ3R posted a tweet about the situation to reach out the ESEA representatives on Twitter.

ESEA admin Kamil Plichta responded to the Sangal captain MAJ3R’s tweet.

First of all, I don’t understand what my nationality has to do with any of this. Before the first map, you reported the issue 13 minutes after the scheduled start of the match – it should not happen, because you can join the server 15 minutes before your match to test it.

The first map of your match finished at 20:36 CET, although you reported that you still need a server change at 20:54 – after all, we decided to switch the server and when the new server was finally ready, you still delayed the start of the 2nd map.

Going to Twitter, when I’m still talking with your coach, should not be your first way to fix things. Being punctual, reporting, and updating on the issue to the admin asap might be really helpful.

Kamil Plichta

While the competition was going on, there was no response from MAJ3R. But no matter what, it is hard to understand why Sangal did not test the server when given the chance. ESEA admin Kamil Plichta shared the details of the issue, even the exact time.

Later in the night, team coach Canpolat Yıldıran (HARDSTYLE) and MAJ3R apologized for the misunderstanding.

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