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Valheim Silver Guide

Silver resource in Valheim is a resource that can be used to craft very powerful tools in the game. Unlike materials like bronze and iron, finding silver is a bit of a challenge. If you are having trouble finding it, we will help you with the Valheim silver finding guide.

What To Do Before Going Looking For Silver?

Silver can be found in the mountain biomes that part of the Valheim game world. However, this region is quite harsh. Creatures such as wolves, dragons, and stone golems roam freely in this biome. Meanwhile, the mountain biome is very cold. Even this cold is quite deadly. So don’t forget to stock up some frost-resistant mead before heading to the mountain biome.

Surely, you should not go empty-handed while going to the mountain biome. You should definitely have two specific items with you. These are iron pickaxe and Wishbone.

Why iron pickaxe? Because iron rarely comes out of chests or from loots. Unlike copper and tin materials, silver is found under the ground in the form of veins. Therefore, you should at least have an iron pickaxe at hand. Don’t worry, you won’t have to blindly dig for hours with a pickaxe. Of course, if you beat the 3rd boss of the game, Bonemass.

Located in the swamps of Valheim, Bonemass is a truly difficult opponent to beat. But if you manage to beat him somehow, he will give you a very useful tool in the game. This tool is Wishbone. With this tool, you will be able to find many items that are difficult to find and hidden in the game. In fact, it is written as follows in the description of this tool. “This ancient bone remembers the place of many forgotten things.” When you equip the item, “You will be able to sense hidden things” will appear.

How To Locate The Silver?

If these two items are with you and you’ve arrived in the mountain biome, that means you’re ready to hunt for silver. You must equip your Wishbone before the silver hunt. Then, slowly take a tour of the mountain biome. Sometimes drink your meads. Enjoy the view. Fight or grapple with wolves, golems.

While you were doing these, did you suddenly start to see turquoise lines on your screen? You even started to hear a vicious sound pulsing? Now, this means that you are very close to silver. The more lines and pulsating sound, the closer you get to the vein of silver. What you will do afterwards is obvious, start digging with all your enthusiasm!

Apart from that, you may encounter a chest with silver inside of it. If this happens, consider yourself lucky. We hope that the Valheim silver finding guide has helped or will help you with your silver hunt.

By the way, if you come across a silver vein, mark it on the map. Mark up so you won’t have trouble finding it again later. 🙂

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