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Eternal Fire star xlf0ud injured his arm

19 years-old young star of the Turkish esports organization Eternal Fire, Yasin “xfl0ud” Koç announced on Twitter that he injured his arm.

Unfortunately, I shattered my arm’s Humerus last night. According to the current scenario, I will have a treatment period of 2-6 weeks, during which time I will not be on active roster. Fortunately, no major or lasting harm occurred because the nerves were not touched; hope to return as soon as possible.

Yasin “xfl0ud” Koç said on Twitter statement

Instead of xfl0ud, who announced that he would not be in the active roster for 2 to 6 weeks, it is likely that Emre “duggyversus” Oktay from the Eternal Fire Academy roster would be in the active Eternal Fire squad.

As Esportimes, we wish him get well, and wish him a healthy recovery as soon as possible.


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