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Valve Released a New Dota 2 Battle Pass Bundle

Valve released a new bundle for the Dota 2 Battle Pass on Thursday. The bundle includes Battle Pass levels and treasures that are 70% off the regular price.

Valve runs this bundle campaign every year after a Battle Pass comes out so people can catch up.

Available this weekend only and packed with a hefty level boost and treasure rewards. Each bundle purchase contains 60 levels, 3 Immortal Treasures, 3 Continuum Collection Treasures, and 3 Ageless Heirloom Treasures. At $14.99 each, they offer 70% savings on the combined value of levels and treasures, and each Battle Pass owner is able to buy up to two bundles.

Aghanim’s Battle Level Bundle is a great way to push you over the line on a host of Battle Pass rewards like the custom lane and siege creeps at level 94; Mirana Persona at level 135; custom towers at level 200; Hoodwink Prestige set at level 277; Drow Ranger Arcana at level 333, and even more. With the bundle only available for a limited time. Sales end on Wednesday, February 9th.

You can buy the bundle from this link. For more Dota 2 news click here.


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