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Etiget Esports Withdrew From The PUBG Arena!

Etiget Esports, which was founded in December 2019, announced its withdrawal from the PUBG Arena. The team that also took part in the PSG: European finals in Berlin; has won $17,921 monetary prize from the beginning of its esport journey.

Etiget Esports was formed on January 3 leading with the names “onur” “xLyron” “ctrkN” “FreeNp”, and the first journey began with the PGS: Berlin – Europe Finals, and they finished 15th. (Won $4,000 prize money.) After that Etiget took part in the fastPay PUBG Turkish Championship held in Turkey, and finished as the 4th in the league. On the other hand, the team took part in the First S Tier PUBG PContinental Series: Charity Showdown European event, and achieved success in the qualifiers; and they won $1,600 prize money.

PUBG players of Etiget Esports in the last year:

  • Onur “onur” Özdemir
  • Anıl “Thenderlost” Arslan
  • Emir “Hueth” Çakmak
  • Tugay “Quetpa” Demirel
  • Bünyamin “CodeMarco” Yalçınkaya
  • İbrahim “markeloff” Konaklı
  • Yiğitcan “xLyron” Polat
  • Tarık “ctrkN” Coşkun
  • Davut “FreeNp” Kılıç

Etiget Esports, which has won a total of $17,921 in prize money until today from events, today they announced their withdrawal from the PUBG arena via their social media accounts.

Esport Times says; Whatever the reason for this action is; it still upsets the fans and esports fans to hear such situation from that kinda successful team on Pubg Arena. We hope they come back stronger later to the game. Etiget Esports also announced that they will be taking part in esports with its new tag ‘ETERNAL’ in Turkish Esports Community. We wish them success in the PUBG Arena.

Furkan Özdemir
Furkan Özdemir
Sanal Dünya'nın gerçek elçilerindeniz.


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