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Mod-Z Esports Splits With Its Valorant Team

Mod-Z Esports has announced its break up with its Valorant Team. The team was active since 1 November.

We have split with our Valorant team. We thank and congratulate them for their success until now. As Mod-Z Esports, we wish you all success in the rest of your careers.

Mod-Z Esports qualified to join in the first place in the second Open Qualifier that they attended to First Strike Turkey and finished the tournament in fourth place. Therefore, the Mod-Z Esports also won the first prize (40,000 ₺) here. Then at the Elite Invitational Tournament, Mod-Z Esports failed to perform the desired performance and finished in the last place in the group with two defeats and eliminated.

On December 13, Jahan ‘Mean’ Battal, who is one of the key players of the team, left. It was obvious that the winds of change were blowing, but no one expected the whole team would leave the team. So, we can say that it was a little surprising.

The team and Valorant roster separate the ways with good wishes. Unfortunately, players in the Mod-Z esports roster, Mert ‘cacan’ Çaçan, Duhan ‘duhax’ Saviour and coach Alper ‘colbsoN‘ Başboğa, announced that they are looking for a new organization.

We want to continue on the adventure with our current 6-man squad
and we are working hard with +2 person, which we don’t reveal, and I believe we will come to better places. contact for: [email protected] and dm
rt like:)

Players are seeking an organization, along with two names that they did not reveal, stated that they were open for negotiations.

At the moment, it is unclear whether Mod-Z esports will continue Valorant with a new roster. We’ll be informing you about the updates of the situation.

Furkan Özdemir
Furkan Özdemir
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