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Evil Geniuses Announces New Esports Analysis Platform!

Evil Geniuses, one of the successful North American esports organizations, announced their new esports analysis platform.

This completely free program aims to provide users with lots of data from League of Legends. It aims to attract users with its unique statistics and features that will offer a deep analysis of the games played in League of Legends.

Some of the sponsors involved in the launch of Factor.gg are the daily fantasy sports platform Monkey Knife Fight and cryptocurrency platform Coinbase.

Chris DeAppolonio from Evil Geniuses commented on the new platform:

 “Although our industry is built on ones and zeroes, esports has lagged behind traditional sports in the areas of analytics and fan-focused platforms that provide engaging new stats, insights, and content. With Factor, we’re responding to fan interest in advanced stats and esports analysis and driving a change in how this complex data is accessed and analyzed.”

In addition, factor.gg will include a 2D render of the League of Legends map and player actions in the Summoner’s Rift. The program also allows replaying a match.

Chris DeAppolonio also gave the following words in his statement for factor.gg:

“Factor was originally created to be used by EG competitive teams only. Through releasing it to the community, our hope is that Factor sparks further analytical discovery of what defines top talent across competitive League”

We always support such breakthroughs of esports teams. We hope we see this type of platform more widely and we can look at the game from different angles.

Turan Erdoğan
Turan Erdoğan
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