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LCS Finals to be Played in Newark!

Hey there, dear League of Legends esports fans. Riot Games announced that the finals of the LCS championship tournament will be held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, with a live audience. The finals will be on the 28 – 29 August, live on Grubhub. This will also be the first LCS event in more than two years to invite fans back to the audience. There will be also many entertainment outside of the venue.

The LCS Championship is an end-of-season tournament. It replaces the old summer playoffs. Before, eight of North America’s top teams competed for three places in the League of Legends World Championship and the LCS Trophy.

The venue will host the final two games of the tournament over the weekend, including the grand final on Sunday, August 29.

Additionally, a large live crowd will be there on both days at the Prudential Center, which is home to the NHL’s New Jersey Devils and has hosted a long list of sports, music and esports events throughout its history.

While the official numbers of the arena, located in the center of Newark, are 19,500 seats, it has not yet been announced how many tickets will go on sale. There will be many entertainment events outside stadium before each game. This will allow spectators to enjoy food, games and other merchandise from LCS teams and their sponsors for the fans.

Big Move After Corona Restrictions

This announcement comes shortly after Valve confirmed that Dota 2’s The International 10 in Bucharest, Romania will also allow fans.

However, there is still uncertainty about how many people will participate. On the other hand, Riot Games has also not yet announced whether the League of Legends World Championship will have a live audience or not. World Championship is going to be in five different cities of China this October. According to Esports Insider. This is a bold move for Riot, which is extremely mindful of the COVID restrictions in North America. At the same time, the fact that they announced this live audience situation about two months before the start of the tournament shows that Riot Games will take more bold steps forward in playing the matches with the audience.

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