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Facebook’s Response To Cheating Is Not Enough!

The worst thing a gamer can possibly face in online competitive games is probably cheating. Most popular games are plagued by this issue. This latest news concerns Facebook’s Gaming platform. Was the response from Facebook strong enough in this cheating case? Let us find out.

The incident happened when gaming personality Vikkstar encountered a cheater in Call of Duty Warzone. He then released a video. In the video, he said that he was quitting Warzone because of cheaters.

Here is the video:

The cheater he encountered was a partnered Facebook Gaming live streamer. Facebook also started to get some heat from this. What did the company do after? The most basic thing. Cutting the cheating streamer off of their partner program.

We got this knowledge from E-sports insider Rod Breslau aka Slasher. You can read his Twitter post down below:

Activision contacted Vickkstar. Obviously, they are trying to get this situation under control. But yeah, at the end of it, we cannot say that any of this will be enough to stop cheaters.

Gaming Platforms’ Response to Cheating

In my opinion, currently, cheaters are only getting a slap on their wrists. Companies like Facebook should have harsher policies regarding cheating. For example, cheaters should not only lose monetization but also have to pay back their earning. Apart from this maybe they can be put on a general list that blocks them from streaming on other platforms too. Using cheats should ruin somebody’s life completely. You might say that this is too harsh. Well if it is not than the incentive to cheating will always be higher than the punishment.

The main source can always be attributed to the developers. After all cheats and hacks can always be blocked by them with the proper software. However, that is too optimistic. Cheaters will always find a way. So, every gaming platform should do everything in their hands to prevent this.

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