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FastPay Wildcats Announces New Coaches For 2021 Winter Season

While there are only a few days left for the Turkish Championship League (TCL) to start, teams continue to announce new additions. Even though some of the teams’ rosters are not set yet, fastPay Wildcats became one of the first teams to complete its roster and announced its new coaches via a post on Twitter.

“In the new season, our team’s leader Mete “Robogod” Sevinç, who got the best coach team award last season, Özcan “Janus” Gürbüz and the academy coach Tevfik “Xhua” Sonkaya will be in our coach team and fight for the championship.”

It’s worth mentioning that fastPay Wildcats got the “Best Coach Team” award on 25 December. After the 2 weeks of empty coach spots from the transfer period, the team has announced its new coach team.

fastPay Wildcats’ coaches for the TCL 2021 Winter Season:

  • Mete ‘Robogod‘ Sevinç (Head Coach)
  • Özcan ‘Janus‘ Gürbüz (Coach)

Also, Tevfik ‘Xhua‘ Sonkaya became the coach of fastPay Wildcats Academy.

Robogod is a part of the last season’s “Best Coach Team”. He has also been the General Manager of fastPay Wildcats and will be with his team this season too. Janus, on the other hand, was Dark Passage’s assistant coach last season.

fastPay Wildcats Roster For TCL 2021 Winter Season:

  • Soner ‘StarScreen‘ Kaya (Top Laner)
  • Hakan Mert ‘Ferret‘ Çakmak (Jungler)
  • Tolga ‘Serin‘ Ölmez (Mid Laner)
  • Anıl ‘HolyPhoenix‘ Işık (Bot Laner)
  • Berk ‘Farfetch‘ Badur (Support)
  • Mete ‘Robogod‘ Sevinç (Head Coach)
  • Özcan ‘Janus‘ Gürbüz (Coach)

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Eylül Su Başıbüyük
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