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Fenerbahçe Is Opening Its Esports Branch!

Fenerbahçe approved to open their own esports branch! President of Fenerbahçe Ali Koç shared his thoughts on esports in a news program he attended. He made positive statements about the future of esports. On the first day of Fenerbahçe’s Ordinary General Assembly Meeting held on June 25, with the vote of the management, they announced the establishment of their esports, women’s football and Paralympic sports branches.

Fenerbahce Approved Opening of Esports Branch!

Entering the stage at the end of 2016, 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports achieved a successful performance in the league and won the championship in the 2017 Rift Rivals. Founded by the 1907 Fenerbahçe Association, the club will now fight under the umbrella of Fenerbahçe Sports Club.

In a statement he made in Habertürk’s program, Ali Koç pointed out that the esports club will be able to manage itself and will have no financial burden on Fenerbahçe. Also, it looks like there won’t be any issues in finding sponsorships. On a side note, there is another advantage to this merger. Mainly, this will introduce esports to casual sports players and viewers. Therefore, there will be more familiarity with esports. We congratulate this decision and wish Fenerbahçe Sports Club success in their esports scene.

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Ertuğrul Ergül
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