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FIFA 22 Closed Beta Details Are Revealed!

FIFA is one of the most known sports games in the gaming industry. Although they bring big changes every few years, usually the game is the same every year. However, most players buy the game so they can access online content and competitions. While the competitive environment is more vibrant, the biggest thing that changes for most offline players is the rosters. Nonetheless, EA announced that it will launch the closed beta process for players to experience FIFA 22 earlier. Try your luck to get the code, so you can decide whether to buy the game or not.

We’ll get most of the details about FIFA 22 at the EA Play Live event on July 17. But some of them are already revealed. The closed beta announcement, in particular, caught the attention of players.

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How To Get FIFA 22 Closed Beta Code?

The biggest concern for the players, of course, is getting those codes. But EA comes up with some conditions for players. One of them is to be a verified FUT Champions player. To qualify for this, you must have managed to win at least 27 matches in one weekend of the competition in FIFA 21. Those who meet this requirement will automatically be able to have the codes. But there are more basic requirements.

  • You must have, at least, 18 years old
  • Your console’s account must be from the UK or North America
  • You must have a PlayStation 5 or Xbox X | S console (FIFA 22 Beta is not available for other platforms)
  • You’ll need to have an Internet connection
  • You’ll need to accept the User Agreement and the FIFA 22 Beta Agreement
  • You must have played FIFA 21 regularly
  • You’ll need to have an active subscription to either Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus, depending on which platform you’re playing on

Signing Up For EA Email Newsletter

Naturally, these codes won’t just appear in your mind. There are a few things you need to set up in your EA account for this. The most important of these is to register for the EA email newsletter. We have explained below how you can sign up for it.

  • Go to EA Account Email Preferences. Of course, if you’re not logged in when you open the page, log in.
  • From there, check the box to be informed about new EA services and news emails.
  • Once you’ve checked the box, it’s worth checking your registered email address. Once you’ve done this, press the “Update” key at the bottom of the page to save your choices.
  • If you are likely to earn a code, you can find your code at this mail address.

Setting Your Content Preferences

One of the things you can do to increase your chances is to set your content preferences. We’ve also explained to you how you can do this.

  • Go to EA Account Email Preferences again.
  • In the “Preferred Games” heading at the bottom of your mailing address, press “Add More” to add the games you want to receive information from. Add FIFA specifically.
  • Once again, don’t forget to save your changes.

Applying To Game Tester Program

  • After updating your contact preferences, click in the “Community Playtesting” button
  • Follow the instructions to sign up

It would be wrong to say that you will receive an invitation even if you comply with all of these conditions. Because the code will be sent to those who meet these conditions randomly. According to the information, the first invitations will reach their owners on August 11th and the second ones on August 25th. The last day of the beta process is set for August 31. But some leaks indicate that invitations will be shared from June 23.

Which Content Does Closed Beta Have?

Closed beta, of course, will not give players the final gaming experience. You will only have the opportunity to test some features. Information about the beta version is as follows:

  • This test version is exclusive to PlayStation 5 and Xbox X | S. It won’t be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch consoles, or mobile platforms.
  • The game’s language will be English
  • It will contain the following game modes:
    • Kick-Off
    • Pro Clubs
    • Career Mode
    • Ultimate Team
    • VOLTA
fifa 22
  • Players selected for the FIFA 22 Beta will receive an invitation to the Kick-Off and one of the other game modes. EA usually adds testers to the mode they have played most. In the first days, they will only have the chance to play the two game modes assigned to them. However, all game modes will be unlocked after that date.
  • The file you have to download is around 40 Gb, no matter the game modes you were selected.
  • The players and ratings used in the FIFA 22 closed Beta are the ones from FIFA 21. Even if you find differences, it doesn’t mean that those ratings will be used on the final game release.
  • No progress made on the FIFA 22 Beta will carry over to the final game.
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