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First and Second Day of PUBG PGI.S Weekly Survival #5 Matches Completed!

The first and second days of the PUBG PGI.S Weekly Survival #5 event ended with the matches played yesterday and today. Turkish team Digital Athletics started this event by being among the top 16 teams and teams struggled for Weekly Final #5.

The First Day of PGI.S Weekly Survival #5

As a result of 5 matches played on the first day, Petrichor Road (PERO), Digital Athletics (DA), Meta Gaming (META), Infantry (IFTY) and Natus Vincere (NAVI) teams qualified for the finals. The winning team of the first match was the Petrichor Road team and received the $ 10,000 prize. Turkish team Digital Athletics won the second match and put their name in the final and also be awarded $ 6,000. The 3rd match winner META Gaming received $ 5,000, the 4th match winner Infantry received $ 4,000 and the 5th match winner the NAVI received a $3,000 prize.

The Digital Athletics team lost their players early in the second game with an unlucky situation and only Samil “Mitraleius” Ozkan survived. Mitraleius showed a superior performance and took place among the last 3 teams. With the advantage of position, as a result of the other teams competing with each other, there were 2 players surviving from the Afreeca Freecs (AF) team and 1 from the Digital Athletics (DA) team in the last circle. Mitraleius won the clutch position and succeed to write the name of their team in the finals. Mitraleius, who led his team by taking 10 kills in total, said in the interview at the end of the match:

When we entered week 3, we knew that the tournament had just begun for us. We are giving our best and believe that we will be champions. My teammates, unfortunately, died early during the match But we still believed that we win the match. We led 2-0 against AF team, I hope we will not meet again in the end game. We all missed our family, but we also missed Turkish food as much. When we returned to Turkey, we are planning to do a tour of Turkey and we especially want to eat kebabs.

The Second Day of PGI.S Weekly Survival #5

With 6 matches played today, a total of 11 challenges were completed in Weekly Survival #5. The teams that won the match put their names in the finals.

In the first game which is played today, the 6th match winner was Oath Gaming (OATH) team and they put the $ 2,000 prize in their bank In Game 7, MultiCircle Gaming (MCG) outperformed their opponents, winning the match and receiving a $1,000 prize. The 8th match winner was the South Korean representative GENG and won the $ 1,000 prize. in the 9th game Soniqs (SQ) team, the 10th game ENTER FORCE.36 (E36) team and the 11th game Afreeca Freecs (AF) team won a match and qualified for the finals. The teams that will be included in the matches which will play tomorrow are Virtus Pro (VP), Attack All Around (AAA), K7 Esports (K7) and Global Esports Xsset (GEX).

PGI.S Weekly Survival #5 will end on the third day with 5 matches which will play tomorrow. The list of the teams that make it to the finals will be determined completely. The teams that moved up to the finals are PERO, DA, META, IFTY, NAVI, OATH, MCG, GENG, SQ, E36 and AF. Tomorrow, 5 more teams will be added to these teams and the teams that will participate in the Weekly Final #5 event will be determined. You can follow the matches which will play tomorrow live on the Twitch PUBG channel.

PUBG PGI.S Weekly Final #4 Day 1 Concluded

Digital Athletics Finished Second Place In PGI.S Weekly Final #4

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