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LCS: The end of Spring Split and the beginning of Mid-Season Showdown

To louden the North American teams’ performance in the World Championship, LCS has made some format changes to the league system. In December 2020, LCS has published their ”intended” changes in the league. Spring Split 2021 has been played with the new rules and the system.

New Rules and System in LCS

According to the new rules, the regular season is split into two sections as spring and summer split, and both of them are played three days per week and contains five matches per day. Thus, all teams play the same number of games. In the earlier seasons; after the regular season is over, teams would compete in play-offs to determine the winner of the season. The regular season would declare the team’s seed in playoffs. Now, play-offs and finals will be held under the name of LCS Mid-Season Showdown and LCS Championship.

The winner of the Mid-Season Showdown will represent North America at the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational which will be held between May 6 and 22. The 2021 Summer Split (June 4 – August 1) will be held with the same rules and at the end of it, LCS Championship (August 7 – 29) will determine the three teams which will represent North America in the 2021 Worlds.

In March 15th, the Spring Split has ended. Here are the standings and the 2021 LCS Mid-Season Showdown bracket:

Team SoloMid12-6*
Team Liquid12-6*
100 Thieves11-7*
Evil Geniuses10-8*
Counter Logic Gaming5-13
Golden Guardians3-15
*Clinched MSS

2021 LCS Mid-Season Showdown will be held in a double-elimination bracket. The showdown will start on Saturday, March 20 at 11 PM (GMT+3) with the TSM-TL game followed by the C9-100T game on Sunday. You can watch the matches live by clicking here.

We hope to witness more competitive games with these changes in the league system, stick around for more updates on LCS!

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