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First Look At The Kafalar Esports New Logo!

One of the most successful and talented VALORANT teams in Turkey, Kafalar Esports (KFLR) has finally revealed their new team logo.

Kafalar Esports gained an incredible amount of followers since their debut in esport scene in February. They managed to prove their worth in a very short amount of time. Their first team logo received a lot of criticism. For this purpose, they changed – no, they rather “updated” their logo. Not only the second logo is pretty similar to the first logo but also, it lacked originality in my opinion. Not long after, KFLR changed its logo for the third time.

However, fans of the KFLR quite liked the third logo. This new logo, shares similarities with Rouge and KRU Esports logo. KFLR also shared some news about their new player. Former More Esports player Yigit “İp0TT” Karadeniz, joined KLFR. I’m curious to see the talented player’s performance in Kafalar Esports.

Ata Camkıran
Ata Camkıran
24 yaşındayım, Atılım Üniversitesi ve her zaman hayalim olan Mütercim-Tercümanlık bölümünden mezun oldum. Film, dizi ve oyunlarda distopya teması her zaman favorim olmuştur. Reddit ve Wiki sayfalarında yeni şeyler öğrenip keşfetmekten hiç bir zaman sıkılmam.


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