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Sangal Esports Got Its Third Win in ESEA Premier Group B!

Turkish representative Sangal Esports got its third win in ESEA Premier Group B Stage. After this win, Sangal moved up to second place in the group. Their opponent Sinners, which was undefeated until this match, got their first defeat

The spell is broken!
In our fourth match of ESEA Premier Season 37, we won 2-0 against @Sinners_Esports team. ?

In the match played yesterday, Sangal faced with Sinners, the leader of Group B. Sangal won the match with a clear score of 2-0 against the group leader. With this match, they made the group leader taste their first defeat. With this win, Sangal gained a significant advantage to go to the ESL Pro League.

A Brief Review of Sangal Esports vs. Sinners

First Map – Inferno:

The first map of the Sangal vs Sinners match was the Inferno map chosen by Sangal. Turkish representative Sangal performed poorly in the first half of the match. They didn’t get the momentum they wanted in the first half. For this reason, they only won 5 rounds. On the defensive side, the Sinners team performed very well. As a result, they won the first half with a 10-5 lead.

With the advantage from the first half, the Czech organization Sinners made a fast start to the second half. However, they couldn’t use this advantage very well. They were only able to win 3 rounds in the beginning. Sangal team gathered themselves and surprised their opponents. The Turkish representative made an incredible comeback. They won the second half by 11-4 with displaying a coordinated game. With this result, Sangal Esports won the first map with a score of 16-14.

Statistics of the First Map
SinnersK(hs)DKASTK-D DiffADRRating2.0
SangalK(hs)A (F)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating2.0

Second Map – Vertigo:

The map of the second match chosen by the Sinners and it was the Vertigo. The second map was a map with close and difficult rounds.

In the first half, both teams performed a head-to-head game. In the first half, Sangal managed to get a 4-0 lead on the defense side. However, the Sinners team was able to respond quickly to this situation. Likewise, the Sinners team responded by catching a 4-0 series. After the head-to-head rounds, the two teams could not make a big difference to each other. The first half ended with a score of 8-7 with the Sangal lead.

The audience expected the second half to end with a similar scenario. But Sangal surprised everyone. They took the reins with superior performance and a coordinated game. The Sinners team could not respond adequately to their opponent’s attacks. Sangal continued the attack and won the second half with an 8-2 lead. Thus, Sangal managed to win the second map with a score of 16-9.

Sangal team managed to add 3 points to their score by winning this match against Sinners 2-0. As such, they moved to second place in the ESEA Premier Group B with a one lack of match.

Statistics of the Second Map
SinnersK (hs)A (f)DKASTK-D DiffADRFK DiffRating 2.0
SangalK(hs)DKASTK-D DiffADRRating2.0

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