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G2 Esports CEO Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez Bombarded with Criticism over Partying with Andrew Tate

G2 Esports’ founder and CEO Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez faced community backlash after being spotted with Andrew Tate in a video he posted on his Twitter account.

In the video, Carlos and Tate appear side by side at a party given for G2’s recent success and signing an all-female League of Legends team at the beginning of this month.

Andrew Tate is known as a controversial online figure due to his alleged misogynistic views and was banned from social media platforms due to multiple violations of community guidelines, including hate speech policies.

The video immediately drew criticism from the esports community. “I party with whoever the f*** I want“, said Rodriguez in response to booing comments from the Twitter community. Most of the comments were regarding disapproval of Tate’s presence.

Many notable esports personalities replied to the tweet about the attitude of the G2 CEO, expressing their concerns and disappointment.

G2 Esports later posted a Tweet stating that Rodriguez has been suspended for eight weeks without pay on a mutual agreement.

g2 carlos tate

Rodriguez apologized to the community with tweets later on.

He also shared and pinned a tweet stating that the organization is always above himself, and he will do anything to protect the organization and the people in it.

The suspension given by the organization means that Carlos will not be with G2’s League of Legends team in this year’s World Championship, which takes place between August 29 and November 5. The earliest Rodriguez will be able to return to G2 is November 13.

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