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Galakticos Top Laner is here!

Galakticos unveils new top laner! Following the claims and specuations, Mustafa “pr1me” Bilici left his spot on Galakticos. The esports organization has made a decision for the empty spot. OnurcanOncanAtak, who began this year in 5 Ronin and then transferred to 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports, is the new top laner.

This marks the third team for Oncan, who joined Fenerbahçe later on this year and became a Winter Season finalist. Even though he was with Fenerbahçe Esports for a short time, Fenerbahçe Esports made an announcement on Twitter. They thanked their former player for earning them a second rank in the season.

Onurcan “Oncan” Atak, who was our League of Legends player, has transferred to Galakticos. We thank him for his contributions to our team, and we wish him success in his career.

1907 Fenerbahça Esports, @FBespor

Following this, Fenerbahçe Esports signed up with Rainbow7 player Jon “Rey” Ji-won. He is from the Latin American League. He also played at Edward Gaming, KT Rolster, and Cloud9. This marks his 5th different region of esports.

Galakticos top laner is here for with a chance to recover!

On the other hand, Galakticos has now gained the chance to recover from the bad Winter Season scores with Oncan. They made a statement on Twitter.

TRANSFER/ Starting today, Onurcan “Oncan” ATAK will be with us as League of Legends Top Laner. Welcome to the Galaxy! May the force be with you!

We also thank @SinaAfra and @AksoyEmre from @FBEspor for their positive attitude towards this transfer.

Galakticos, @TeamGalakticos

For Galacticos, whose top lane was a problem for the fast-starting Summer Season, the ability to quickly transfer Oncan to the team greatly increased their chances of doing better than the Winter Season this season. Therefore, Oncan’s adaptation to the team and the increase in the success level of Galacticos would be the best thing to happen for both sides this year.

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