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Galatasaray Esports Announces Its League of Legends Roster

On November 16, contracts that would expire in 2020 have ended on Global Contract Database. After that, teams started to transfer new players for their teams, or part ways with some players. Galatasaray Esports has recently announced that they had parted ways with Ragnar. Yesterday, they announced their VFŞL (League of Legends Turkish League) 2021 Winter roster.

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  • Top Lane: Berkant “Luana” Kayhan
  • Jungle: Berk “Mojito” Kocaman
  • Mid Lane: Onur Can “Bolulu” Demirol
  • Bot Lane: Ege Acar “Padden” Koparal
  • Support: Onur “Zergsting” Ünalan

They seem quite powerful on paper. Some fans think that it is a roster that would do well until the semi-finals. But other fans say that every player is considered as a veteran, because of that, they can’t be successful this year.

Top Lane: Berkant “Luana” Kayhan

Luana started his career in 2018, as a P3P Esports player. After Turkey moved into the franchise system, he transferred to the SuperMassive Academy Team and played for them for a year. In 2019 November, he transferred to Galakticos, a VFŞL team. When Galakticos reached the semi-finals in VFŞL 2020 Summer, all credit went to Luana.

Jungle: Berk “Mojito” Kocaman

Before talking about Mojita, we have to review Galatasaray’s jungler problem. Galatasaray started the season with Roulette, but he didn’t live up to the expectations. They couldn’t find a player to replace him and because of that, they had a deal with Appen, one of the most toxic players in Turkey. They ended VFŞL 2020 Summer in seventh place and after a month, Appen was banned from all Riot Games organizations for 2 years. Mojito’s career was kind of damaged when his former teammate Elwind publicized Mojito’s toxic behaviors. But Mojito managed to get back in the game and became VFŞL 2020 Winter champions with his team, Fenerbahçe Esports.

Mid Lane: Onur Can “Bolulu” Demirol

Bolulu started his professional career in 2016, with Victorious Ace, just like his new teammate Mojito. He played for SuperMassive in the 2020 season, and they even participated in Worlds 2020. But SuperMassive got eliminated, and some fans thought Bolulu was to blame for that. Now he agreed to play for Galatasaray Esports, and the team’s fans are satisfied.

Bot Lane: Ege Acar “Padden” Koparal

Galatasaray didn’t change its bot laner and decided to continue with Padden. Padden started his career in 2013 as a top laner for Big Plays Incorporated. He changed his role in 2014 to bot laner. He became champion in 2017 with his team Fenerbahçe.

Support: Onur “Zergsting” Ünalan

Galatasaray also decided to continue with Zergsting. He started his career in 2013 November with ATLAS Esport. He didn’t win a cup except Rift Rivals 2017.

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