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Gamer Arena Has Received Second Investment with 3.5 Million Euros Valuation by Fenerbahçe’s Former Player Neustädter

Gemer Arena, which is an esports platform established with Turkish domestic enterprises, has received 3.5 million € investment from the former player of Fenerbahçe, Roman Neustädter.

Founded by Hakan Baş, Bora Koçyiğit, Dorukhan Acar, Orkun Işıtmak, and Mustafa Tatlıcı and started to serve on March 15, 2020, Gamer Arena managed to receive an investment of 3.5 million Euros before the 7th month anniversary of the organization.

Gamer Arena is an esports platform that is built on competitive games and gathers players together while earning various awards.

Completely established as a local enterprise with Mustafa Tatlıcı’s valuation of 1.1 million dollars, Gamer Arena has a staff of 8 employees. CEO of the organization is Doruk Gezici and Kerim Yılmaz is the COO.

CEO Doruk Gezici commented in a release for egirisim.com;

Esports continues to grow rapidly all over the world. However, the possibility of cashing out the game skills of a person who wants to be a professional player is limited

As a bridge between the esports industry and game industry, which is many times bigger, we provide the opportunity to earn money with a more sustainable model than sponsorship for the players who do not have opportunity to be a professional, and create an atmosphere for these players to prove themselves and find opponents in their level

With the investment tour we will make at the end of the year, we aim to be a global platform that serves millions of players in the world by expanding to the MENA region and Eastern Europe which has been our main goal since our establishment. On the technical side, an image processing system that will automate the refereeing processes, feeding our current system that captures multi accounts and fake transactions with machine learning and a matching system that will smooth the process of playing with the same level opponents are our goals for 1 year.

Doruk Gezici

Comment from esportimes.com, We would like to congratulate the domestic enterprise Gamer Arena and wish them a continued success with our wish to see more enterprises like this in our country. You can visit the Gamer Arena website to get more information or to participate in tournaments organized by them.

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