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GAndhi Joined Sangal Esports As Analyst!

Berker ‘gAndhi‘ Kubat, former ESL Turkey CS:GO champion and retired in 2018, became a member of the Valorant esports. He will now take up the analyst position in Sangal Esports Valorant.

Our VALORANT team continues to grow!
From now on, gandhi will be working in the analyst position in our VALORANT team. Welcome!

GAndhi is one of the leading names of esports in Turkey, he was the former anchor of CS:GO and Valorant. After a long break, he returned to esports again.

Yesterday, Sangal Esports completed the Valorant squad with E5N, and continues to move forward with confident steps by adding Gandhi to its team.

Sangal Esports Valorant former roster:

  • Beyazıt ‘beyAz‘ Körpe
  • Muhammed ‘mini‘ Salman
  • Berk ‘rip‘ Tepe
  • İbrahim ‘Lurz‘ Sandıkçı
  • Enes ‘E5N‘ Erdoğan
  • Berke ‘gAndhi‘ Kubat (Analyst)

We advise Gandhi not to go on vacation, stay at home, and do analysis for the Sangal Esports Valorant team! We also wish him success in his new team!

Furkan Özdemir
Furkan Özdemir
Sanal Dünya'nın gerçek elçilerindeniz.


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