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GTA Online Weekly Bonuses And Advices 03.10-03.17.2021

Rockstar Games announced the weekly bonuses and discounts for this week on GTA Online. After the last week, the players expected a bit better announcements, but Rockstar has kind of let us down. Although we won’t have bonuses for some profitable jobs or businesses, we will be paid more by playing some of the most fun activities of the game. They sure are fun without bonuses, but this week, more players want to play them, so we don’t have to wait too much.

Like we do, as usual, we compiled all weekly announcements, and we gave some advice to the players on different levels. Here is everything about this week on GTA Online.

Diamond Casino & Resort Podium Vehicle

We used to see sports cars or hypercars in the lobby of Diamond Casino & Resort for weeks. But Rockstar is offering a different vehicle from that. The armored and strong vehicle, HVY Nightshark is waiting for you there. The vehicle is resistant to explosives, and it also has bulletproof tints. If you can’t earn it from the Lucky Wheel until March 17th, don’t worry. You can buy the vehicle from Warstock Cache & Carry for $1,245,000.

gta online

There’s a special moment in the life of every billionaire when you realize that everyone else is trying to kill you and steal from you. And when the time comes, you want a vehicle built exclusively to cater to that paranoid delusion. Enter the Nightshark, where you can sit in perfect comfort behind tinted, sniper-proof glass as the filthy hordes press against your armored hull, then pull the trigger on the dual machine guns and relax as the car does all the hard work for you. Who’s crazy now?

Warstock Cache & Carry

GTA Online Activities With Double/Triple Rewards

As we said, we have lots of fun activities with bonus rewards this week. And the fan-favorite Hunting Pack (Remix) is one of them. Also, the races that you will use different types of vehicles, Transform Races are paying out double this week. And, the guy who introduced us to the world of GTA Online, Lamar Davis, will pay double for his contact missions, just like Martin Madrazo.

gta online
  • Transform Races2X GTA$ and RP
  • Adversary Mode – Hunting Pack (Remix)2X GTA$ and RP
  • Contact Missions – Lamar Davis2X GTA$ and RP
  • Contact Missions – Martin Madrazo2X GTA$ and RP
  • Business Battles (freemode events that occur randomly on populated lobbies) – 2X GTA$ and RP

Time Trials

This week’s time trial parkour is Galileo Park. The parkour has a par time of 2 minutes and 5 seconds, and if you complete it under the par time, you will earn $51,000. You can watch the video of GTA Series Videos below to learn about the parkour.

For remote-controlled car, RC Bandito, time trial parkour is Construction Site I. If you complete the parkour under its par time, 1 minute and 50 seconds, your $101,000 will be deposited into your bank account. You can watch the walkthrough video of the parkour below.

Discounted Contents

Generally, Rockstar offers discounts about a theme on GTA Online, and this week’s theme can be considered as The Doomsday Heist. Because we will have discounts on the heist’s headquarters, Facilities, plus, discounts on the futuristic weapons of the game. Moreover, one of the most essential control centers of the game, Terrorbyte is on sale too.

gta online
  • Facility sell prices%40 discount
  • Facility upgrade/renovation prices%40 discount

Legendary Motorsport Discounts

Warstock Cache & Carry Discounts

  • Rhino%40 discount$900,000
  • Mammoth Squaddie%25 discount$847,500
  • HVY Chernobog, %40 discount – Discounted price $1,987,020, trade + discounted price $1,494,000
    • You can unlock the trade price by completing one of The Doomsday Heist setup missions, Escort ULP, as the heist leader.
  • Benefactor Terrorbyte%40 discount$825,000
    • Terrorbyte upgrade/renovation prices%40 discount

Elitás Travel Discounts

Weapon / Ammu-Nation Discounts

Special GTA Online Bonuses / Contents

The first special bonus is for the players who logged into the game on the week of February 18, 2021, and claimed the Dinka Tee. If you have that tee in your collection, you can also earn the aged version of it, Dinka Aged Tee. Do not be sad if you can’t claim it, it’s just a tee.

The other clothing bonus is the basketball top and shirt from the last week. Complete a Cayo Perico Heist and earn the basketball top. Steal a secondary target, and get the basketball short.

Also, a cool mask is waiting for us in the game. If you complete any prep or setup mission for The Doomsday Heist, you will earn the Neon Skull Emmisive Mask. All clothing bonuses will be delivered to your account in the following 72 hours after March 22.

GTA Online / Prime Gaming Benefits

GTA Online players, who connect their Social Club account with Prime Gaming will receive different benefits than normal players.

  • $200.000 – For logging in to the game this week.
  • Free Sonar Station for the Kosatka submarine owners.
    • You have to open Warstock Cache & Carry website from your phone and renovate the submarine to get the upgrade.
  • HVY Barrage%80 discount – Discounted price $424,270, trade + discounted price $319,000
    • You can unlock the trade price by completing The Doomsday Heist’s Setup: Barrage mission as the heist leader.
  • HVY Vetir, %35 discount – Discounted price $1,059,500, trade + discounted price $794,625
    • If you complete Cayo Perico Heist by using Vetir as approach vehicle, you will unlock the trade price.
  • MTL Brickade – %80 discount – $222,000

What To Do This Week?

Like we said in the beginning, we don’t have bonuses for profitable businesses, but it will be a fun week. Every bonus-rewarded activity is very entertaining. Especially, Hunting Pack is really amusing when you play with your friends. Try to play every Hunting Pack jobs while you can. In particular, play the Hunting Pack (Remix) I, because it’s the best version of the Hunting Pack jobs.

gta online

For Beginners

The choice is up to you of course, but I suggest that you give a break from the money grinding. Instead, take advantage of the bonus-rewarded activities. Yes, we had bonuses on Contact Missions for weeks, but they are also very entertaining to do, and the bonus rewards make them much more attractive. If you are tired of those missions, try the other activities. Transform Races are always exciting, because you will use different types of vehicles during the race. Also, you can play some Hunting Pack missions if you are bored.

For Advanced Players

If you own a Nightclub, but you don’t have a Terrorbyte, just buy it this week. It’s true that we had much more discounts from that one, but it’s a very essential nerve center if you love running your businesses on your own. Moreover, you will get an extra discount on Oppressor Mark II when you own a Terrorbyte.

Besides that, like I suggest to the beginners, you can have a break from your businesses or heists. I assume that you already know the fun of Transform Races and Hunting Pack. You can play them to have a little fun from GTA Online.

But if you want to continue to grind some money, complete the Cayo Perico Heist or Diamond Casino Heist. And maybe, it’s time for the Diamond Casino Heist grinders to leave it, and start grinding on Cayo Perico Heist. You probably have money to buy Kosatka, so, you can rob El Rubio on your own. Plus, the prep missions of Cayo Perico is much faster and easier than the prep missions of Diamond Casino Heist.

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