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GTA Online Weekly Bonuses And Advices 04.08-04.14.2021

Rockstar Games seems intent on putting GTA Online players in unusual moods this week. Players who had a pretty busy week last week, thanks to the bonuses in biker businesses, will take a break from work this week. Transform Races and Hunting Pack missions will pay out more. The podium car is, quite surprisingly, the Blista Kanjo.

We have listed all the bonuses for you, as we do every week. Also, you can get more information by clicking on the names of the vehicles.

Diamond Casino & Resort Podium Vehicle

Dinka Blista Kanjo will meet the players in the lobby of Diamond Casino & Resort this week. We’ve been used to see beautiful vehicles lately, but Rockstar surprised us a lot this time. The Blista Kanjo, which doesn’t stand out, is the kind of compact vehicle that won’t bother you when you can’t win it. Of course, you can try to win by spinning the lucky wheel once a day. But the vehicle, which is on the market for $580,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos, is likely to reduce the casino’s visitor numbers.

gta online

Cheap ramen noodles, Princess Robot Bubblegum – if you want to express your teenage love for Japanese culture in a car purchase, look no further. Sure, the hideous straight lines and cafeteria tray bumper might cause your date to turn and run, but under that vibe-destroying exterior, you’ll find a vehicle ready to prove its worth, even if you and your equally deluded mates are the only ones to see it.

Southern San Andreas Super Autos

GTA Online Activities With Double/Triple Rewards

Rockstar, which upsets us with the podium car, will smooth our ruffled feathers with the activities. Although there are no profitable bonuses, this week’s events with more rewards made the players happy. Transform Races, where we use various vehicles, offer twice as many prizes this week. Also, two of the fan-favorite activities, Hunting Pack and its remixes, will pay out triple awards. Those who like to spend some time in the regular lobby will also receive three times the reward from Freemode Challenges.

gta online
  • Transform Races – 2X GTA$ and RP
  • Adversary Mode – Hunting Pack – 3X GTA$ and RP
  • Adversary Mode – Hunting Pack (Remix) – 3X GTA$ and RP
  • Freemode Challenges – 3X GTA$ and RP

Time Trials

This week, you have to go to the airport for the time trial race because this week’s parkour is LSIA II. Players who complete the racecourse in 2 minutes and 24 seconds will receive $51,000. If you want to learn the parkour, you can watch the video below.

The parkour for the remote-controlled vehicle RC Bandito is Little Seoul Park. If you reach the final point in 1 minute and 10 seconds, your $101,000 reward will be in your account. Check out GTA Series Videos’ video to learn about the racetrack.

Discounted Contents

In recent weeks, the list of discounts was quite long. But unfortunately, for this week, we can’t say that. In addition to the cut on various vehicles, Mk II weapons are also on sale. And those who want to buy the game’s most luxurious apartments should prepare their money this week.

gta online
  • Mk II Weapons upgrade prices%40 discount

Property / Business Discounts

  • High-End Apartments%40 discount

Legendary Motorsport Discounts

  • Grotti Cheetah Classic%40 discount$605,500
  • Lampadati Casco, %40 discount – Discounted price $542,640, trade + discounted price $408,000
    • You can unlock the trade price by completing the Station mission from Prison Break Heist.

Warstock Cache & Carry Discounts

  • HVY Insurgent, %40 discount – Discounted price $538,650, trade + discounted price $405,000
    • You can unlock the trade price by completing The Humane Labs Raid as the heist leader.
  • HVY Insurgent Pick-Up, %40 discount – Discounted price $1,077,000, trade + discounted price $810,000
    • You can unlock the trade price by completing The Humane Labs Raid as the heist leader.
  • Vapid Winky, %30 discount – Discounted price $770,000, trade + discounted price $577,500
    • You can unlock the trade price by completing the first mission of The Cayo Perico Heist, Gather Intel as the heist leader.

Southern San Andreas Super Autos Discounts

  • Obey Omnis%40 discount$420,600
  • MTL Dune%40 discount
    • Globe Oil livery – $780,000
    • Fukaru Rally livery – $831,000

Special GTA Online Bonuses / Contents

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This week, as every week, a clothing award awaits the players. You won’t hear his name that much in the lore, but you can catch him in the details. We are talking about Jock Cranley, the most famous stuntman of Vinewood. Players who log into the game will earn Jock Cranley‘s Gold, Silver, Pink and Black jumpsuits.

gta online

You also still have a chance of winning last week’s Bigness Jackal Sweater. All you have to do is complete a Parachute Mission by next Thursday.

Rockstar also giving a car gift that we haven’t seen in a long time. Lampadati Tropos Rallye is not a popular vehicle. But you know what they say, free vinegar is sweeter than honey. The car is available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $816,000, and it’s free until Thursday. So all you have to do is go on the site and buy the car for free.

GTA Online / Prime Gaming Benefits

GTA Online players, who connect their Social Club account with Prime Gaming will receive different benefits than normal players. The players with Prime Gaming accounts will be rewarded with $200,000 for login bonus, free Sonar Station upgrade for Kosatka, and discounts on Annis SavestraVapid Slamtruck, and Maibatsu Manchez Scout.

  • $200.000 – For logging in to the game this week.
  • Free Sonar Station for the Kosatka submarine owners.
    • You have to open Warstock Cache & Carry website from your phone and renovate the submarine to get the upgrade.
  • Annis Savestra%80 discount$198,000
  • Maibatsu Manchez Scout%40 discount$135,000
  • Vapid Slamtruck%35 discount$851,500

What To Do This Week?

As we said, this week, there are no profitable bonuses. But we still have a fun week ahead of us. By participating in transform races, you will have the opportunity to use various vehicles at short notice. Naturally, in the process, you will immerse yourself in the excitement of racing.

Another bonus-awarding event, the Hunting Pack, had bonuses a month ago. But the bonus only applied to the Remix modes of mission that week. You can also try the normal modes of the event this week. Even the triple rewards are pretty tempting, but the players are playing it because it’s fun.

There are two teams in this event: attackers and defenders. The defenders fend off the attackers, so attackers won’t stop the truck that’s supposed to go to its target. The attackers have to stop the truck eventually to win the round. Also, if the truck is below a speed limit for a time, it will explode, and attackers will win the round.

For Beginners

If you’re very new to the game, there’s a discount you definitely shouldn’t miss this week. You have to own a high-end apartment to play the various heists that the game offers. You’re planning robberies from inside the apartment with Lester or the people who will operate the mission. The most profitable jobs in the game will be heists for you, so be sure to buy a high-end apartment.

If you intend to buy it but don’t have the money, spend a lot of time on bonus-rewarding activities. Or join missions from your phone or accept invitations. If you have any business, earn some money from them.

For Advanced Players

It’s a bit frustrating that no business has a bonus this week. But you’ll have plenty of time to do the Cayo Perico Heist without being distracted. If you’re really tired of robbing El Rubio, you can rest this week and enjoy bonus-awarded activities. Or help new players who dream of reaching your level.

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