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Our Interview With Yunus “Ksaez” Emre Sahin!

Vodafone FreeZone Championship Winter Finals is almost upon us! Talented player and Papara SuperMassive‘s star Yunus “Ksaez” Emre Sahin, answered our questions before the finals.

Papara SuperMassive | Yunus “Ksaez” Emre Sahin

  • How was the first half of the Vodafone FreeZone Winter Championships?

Ksaez: I think that the first half of the season went quite well for us.

  • Even though your team consists of young players, Papara SuperMassive performed very well. Can you tell us about your process for achieving such success?

Ksaez: We were undefeated. But we had a rough start at the second half of the season. But we saw those mistakes and tried to correct them. We did thankfully and now we are in the semi-finals. Everyone in the team is kind to each other both in-game and off-game. Our achievements lie in that.

  • Last season, you were selected as Most Valuable Rookie. Could you tell me more about this important achievement?

Ksaez: When I earned the title of “Most Valuable Rookie”, I was ecstatic and more ambitious than ever. When I was in Dark Passage, I constantly played solo games and improved myself even when the season was over. I think I earned this title because of our in-game harmony in the team.

It seems Yunus “Ksaez” Emre Sahin is admired by the Turkish LoL community. Well, he earned the “Most Valuable Rookie of the Season” title after all. He also didn’t forget to mention the successes of his teammates. We wish him and his teammates a journey filled with joy and fame.

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