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Interview With Futbolist Player Emre ‘Sterben’ Demirci

The second-round matches have started today in VCT Masters Turkey. The first match was played among the A group winners. Oxygen Esports achieved the victory. In the second match of the day, as an early final, Futbolist and BBL Esports faced each other.

Both maps in the match were very contentious. Futbolist won the match with scores of 13-11 in the Ascent and 17-15 in the Haven maps. Thus, Futbolist managed to reach the semi-finals of the VCT Masters Turkey. BBL Esports will face Cyber Skull Esports as a last chance match.

After the match, Emre ‘sterben’ Demirci who is one of the players of the Futbolist Team, answered our questions.

Interview Questions

Question one: You started on the Ascent map too fast. You were by far the superior side in the first half. Did you expect to have such a comfortable first half? Was this your goal for the first half?

  • We did not expect such a comfortable first half. Also, we did not have any goal to achieve it.

Question two: What was the reason for getting a comeback from the opponent, even though you had a comfortable game in the first half?

  • We got out of our own game style. We started to play like any other team and there were communication breakdowns in the game. That’s why our opponents made a comeback.

Question three: You took a timeout when the score was 11-11 on the first map. After the timeout, you won two rounds and ended the match. What was discussed during this timeout?

  • During the break, as I said, we realized that we were leaving our own game. We took a break to talk about this. We went back to our old game system and focused on tactics.

Question four: On the Haven map, you entered very strongly, as you did on the first map, but later BBL Esports joined the game. How do you evaluate the opponent’s engagement in the game on both maps, when you can make more difference?

  • Our opponent is already a strong opponent. All of their players are very talented and have the potential to do extra. So that’s why I think it was normal for them to engage in both maps.

Question five: You are the second team to reach the semi-finals, congratulations. You will wait for your opponent. What are your thoughts about it?

  • We passed a difficult test, so we are happy. We will continue to look at our mistakes while waiting for our opponent.

We thank Emre ‘sterben’ Demirci, as the esportimes.com family for answering our questions. We wish success to Futbolist in the future VCT Masters Turkey adventure!

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