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Interview With Oxygen Esports Coach Deren ‘Cuaj’ Ulgen

The second round has started today in VCT Masters Turkey. The teams that won their first matches in Groups A and B faced each other to earn tickets for the semi-final. In the first match of the day, group A winners, Oxygen Esports faced with fastPay Wildcats.

Oxygen Esports managed to beat its rival fastPay Wildcats 2-0 in the series which they were considered as favorite. Scores were 13-9 in Ascent and 13-7 in Icebox maps. After this match, Oxygen Esports qualified for the semi-finals of the VCT Masters Turkey. On the other hand, FastPay Wildcats will face RARE Esports as a last chance match.

After the match, Oxygen Esports VALORANT’s coach Deren ‘Cuaj‘ Ülgen answered our questions.

Interview Questions

Question one: While you can win very comfortably on the Ascent map, we’ve seen you lose a lot of eco rounds. In this way, the opponent became a partner to the game. Are you playing a little nervous in Eco rounds?

  • Yes, in Ascent we gave a lot of eco rounds and pistol rounds. We got into the game a bit later. Our opponent played eco games that we did not expect. We can say that they pulled eco hands on their side with their extras.

Question two: Despite winning the series 2-0, we have seen communication breakdowns. You made mistakes very easily in one round while playing with a very good discipline in the other round. What do you think caused these ups and downs?

  • Communication breakdowns appeared from time to time, and we are also aware of this. We made mistakes, yes, like everyone else. But our biggest advantage is not to repeat the mistakes that we made. Although it seemed comfortable for us throughout the match, there were some rounds when we struggled in the game. But we are a team that knows how to comeback well.

Question three: Turko has saved his team in critical rounds throughout the entire series. Also had a perfect series. Can we say that this is the most important factor in winning the match a little more comfortably?

  • Turko is really playing a 2-player game when he warms up to the game. I can honestly say this. He shows great acting examples in critical rounds with his decisions. But of course, we come here with our team game. We are trying to make the right choices for the team. We have small mistakes, but as I said, our most important feature is that we do not do them/those in the next matches. But we will continue to put on top of it.

Question four: You are the first team to reach the semi-finals and you will wait for your opponent. What are your thoughts about it?

  • Yes, we made it to the semi-finals, we are happy. It was the scenario that we expected. Now we will watch our opponents. I’m wishing them success from here, through you. Valorant quality is really high compared to other regions in Turkey. All of our teams are successful and the number of successful teams will increase every day. It will be enjoyable to watch their matches. Thank you.

We’re thanking Cuaj as the esportimes.com family for answering our questions. We wish success to Oxygen Esports in the remaining VCT Masters Turkey matches!

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Ali Anıl Tonka
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