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Interview with Özgür “Büyükayı” Develi founder of PUBG Turkish League

1. Could you please talk about yourself?

  • Hi I’m Özgür, people knows me as BüyükAyı. I’m 28 years old. I have been playing PUBG as professional level for 2 years. I am the team member of with fastPay Wildcats organisation right now. We created new team,we continue had a great harmony with my team mates are Baran, Berat and Bilal so we continue to work.

2. What kind of contributions you made  for development of PUBG in Turkey?


  • I am one of the first member and now director of PUBG Turkish Esport Community which is biggest organisation in our country for PUBG also has actively ongoing period of 3 years and it has more than 2200 members . Our community is hosting teams and players that made up the today’s Turkish PUBG scene. The vast majority of these players found their first team and teammates throughwith help our community and they have reached the point they are today. We have contributed to organizing various tournaments or changing the situations that we think are missing or wrong, both in terms of preparing people for the PUBG esports field and by acting together on our community channels. We have removed many people who have committed illegal acts in the game by collectively accesing throught official channels. And ,now we have our own league.

3. Where did you find the idea of creating PUBG Turkish League?

  • I have been the managing of the Discord community for about 1 year and have been in contact with game festivals many times during this process. I had conversations with the organisation creators directly. I said “There is a very large audience playing PUBG,it has huge numbers and a community of talented players, that festivals should be organized both in the individual tournaments “ but the result was always negative. I realized that I couldn’t get any reason from anywhere by waiting and I triggered the resources about what and how can we create a Pubg League. I always know that after we became someone who put their hands under the stone and brought out something, people who we applied for tournament before will come and try to get their share from the cake. Nevertheless I am happy with the point we reached and the reactions we received.

4. How did you  determined the teams placed in League?

  • Past achievements and long-running teams have been our priority. However, we tried to give a place to every team if they belong under an official organization. There are many quality teams and we did not want to exclude anyone. For this reason, we converted our league, which we normally planned as 16 teams, but we increased it to system with 24 teams and made place for 8 new teams. Unfortunately, there were still great teams that we were sorry for being out. I hope they show themselves in the qualifiers for the second season.

5. Which days and times PUBG in Turkey League matches will be played on? Where can we follow up the matches?

  • The leading 24 teams have been invited to Turkey’s first League season begins on Saturday, March 21. Along with 24 teams, the first week of the league, which will last 4 weeks, will be A + B + C groups in groups of 8. After each group plays together, the top 16 teams will rise to the 30 game league that will be played for 3 weeks. Matches is going to start on Saturday at 5 am and Sunday at 5 pm every day.

You can reach the Twitch channel where the league will be broadcast here

pubg türkiye espor topluluğu

6. Which levels do you plan to raise PUBG in Turkey? What are your plans, if any?

  • There is a huge number of player audience. Even our training matches,which have no awards, reach 700-800 views. I can easly say that this number will be measured in thousands when we have a good advertised organisation, award-winning official league, it is upset that it is not evaluated when there is so much potential and I continue to support all my fellow players as much as I can. My most important goal is to become one of the important continent in global area, also having a place in global leagues and to send our three or four team from Turkey.

7. Did you get enough support in the process of preparing the tournament?


  • No way. I say it over and over again, we need to take part in an official league, offline tournaments, especially game festivals. As players, the biggest challenge we faced in general was the proposal of many organizations to play on our behalf by giving only name-form without any support. PUBG is a game that requires a lot of effort and time, players cannot find financial and moral support, so they continue to risk their own lives and futures, and many talented players says enough in one place. Esport can be one of the important branches in our country in the future, we must build the basis for this right now, but we are not in a very good situation yet.

8. What are your  point of views about Esport which is growing sector in Turkey?


  • We have a serious potantial eventually but do not think we have enough investments and support on us.For example think about football or any other sport activities, no matter how much Money you invest it is hard to reach the level of other countries teams because they have reached unbelievible levels already. So, we can be the biggest esport country in the future with the investments of our goverment throught organisations and players.

9. Is there any sponsorship for this Tournement?

  • Unfortunately, no sponsorship we have signed yet. I am offering and recommend not to miss the opportunity to become sponsor of the PUBG Turkish League ,the people who want to support of development of Esport in our country and private companies, it has high potantial for advertisement. We are open to possible offers.

10. Is there anyone you would like to thank specifically ?

  • The owner of fastPay Wildcats, Mr. Orlando Carlo CALUMENO and our manager Hakan Demirel, do their best for the development of PUBG in our country and are the biggest supporters of the formation and realization of our league. In particular, I would like to thank them and everyone who contributed to PUBG to develop in our country.

11. Finally, is there anything you want to mention?

  • İster espor, ister başka bir konu, ister en güncel derdimiz olan koronavirüs, ister maddi-manevi, konu ne olursa olsun, sözlerimi okuyan herkese teşekkür ediyor ve umutsuzluğa alışmayın demek istiyorum. Görüşürüz! ?

We would like to thank the Özgür”Büyükayı” Develi for the interview. We wish success to him and his team take place Turkey PUBG League, also for the all teams will participate in Turkey PUBG League .

Follow up for PUBG Turkey League daily results, standings STAY ON TRACK for everything

Furkan Özdemir
Furkan Özdemir
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