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Pubg Turkish League officially announced!

PUBG Turkish League has invited 24 teams and these teams are selected for tournament based on their successl in Turkey . First round of the tournament is going to start at 21 March 2020 and tournament prize declared as 25.000 TL. Tournament will run 4 weeks.

First week of the tournument will start with eleminations where teams will enter into groups and compete against each other to reach next stage which is the league itself for 3 weeks.

Qualified (16) teams will play their matches on Saturday & Sunday 5 matches per day.

PUBG fans can watch these matches (link) on Twitch and support their teams! We wish the very best to each team let the game begin! ?

First week of the league will be 8 groups (a, b, c groups), as a result of all group matches, the top 16 teams will rise to the league that will be played for 3 weeks and 30 matches. On the other hand the matches will be played on Saturday and Sunday as 5 matches per day and will start at 19.00.

Click to reach the Twitch page of the Tournament where the league can be watched online and to follow.

Furkan Özdemir
Furkan Özdemir
Sanal Dünya'nın gerçek elçilerindeniz.


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