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League of Legends Esports: Major Leagues Fixtures Announced!

In the world of League of Legends esports, the fixtures of the 4 major leagues have been fully announced after LPL’s tweet on their official Twitter account. League of Legends esports will re-enter our lives with the start of the Winter Season on January 14.

With the end of the 2022 Summer Season and then Worlds, “When will LoLespor return to our screens?” a question arose in fans’ minds. With newly established rosters, a new EMEA system, expected Worlds format change and changes in the meta made our expectations as fans have increased exponentially. However, Riot Games did not give any exact date for the start of the new season for a long time.

The new season will first come to our screens with the Season Start Event to be held in each region. The event, which will be played with mixed teams, will be held on January 10 – 11. Leagues will start within a few days after the event ends.


The Chinese League LPL is the first league to start. LPL announced all its fixtures with a tweet from their official Twitter account. FPX – WE will play the first match of the LPL on January 14.

The only change in the LPL system and between the teams participating in the league is that the organization we know as Victory Five will now fight under the name Ninjas in Pyjamas. On the other hand, the teams pushed themselves into the seat snatch game. While we have witnessed that teams such as JDG and Weibo are going through a restructuring, we see that teams such as Ninjas in Pyjamas and LNG still have not completed their rosters. You can follow LPL in English on official Twitch accounts.


Secondly, the Korean League LCK will be with us. We will first see LCK on our screens on January 18, 4 days after LPL with the match to be played between DWG Kia and DRX. There isn’t any changes in the league other than Fredit Brion ended their relationship with their name sponsor Fredit and becoming Brion. As for the teams, the LCK got its share from the seat snatch in the LPL. Although there are teams like T1 that maintain their staff, we have seen players like Ruler set sail for different adventures. You can follow LCK on official Twitch and Youtube accounts with English presentation



League of Legends Esports

LEC is the 3rd in the starting order from 4 leagues. League will start with the match to be played between G2 and Excel on January 21, 2023. LEC has undergone the most changes among the 4 major leagues. We said hello to Team Heretics, which joined the league instead of Misfits Gaming, and witnessed the addition of summer champions Rouge to KOI. But not only the teams have changed, we have format and operation changes as well. will now be the biggest of the European and Middle Eastern leagues (EMEA).

Contrary to the two seasons of the old system, Spring and Summer, Winter, it will be played as 3 seasons over the Spring and Summer seasons. During the seasons, a system very similar to the one used in the Euroleague will be used. You can watch the LEC in English on official Twitch and Youtube accounts.


League of Legends Esports

Finally, the North American league LCS will be with us on January 26th. LCS has less changes compared to other leagues. The league will start with 100 Thieves – Cloud9 match.

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