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MDL Journey Of 9INE Continues!

9INE guaranteed the upper bracket semifinals with a 2-1 win over Norwegian team Nordavind at ESEA MDL Season 35 Europe Relegation.

Turkish representative 9INE has one last step left for qualifying to participate in the Mountain Dew League (MDL), held 36 times by ESEA .

9INE advanced to join ESEA MDL Season 35 Europe Relegation with the success in the Climber Cup and they advanced to the semifinals ESEA MDL Season, defeating the Movistar Riders and Nordavind teams.

Turkey’s representative will compete with FATE in the final Bo3 match for MDL on December 17 at 22:00

9INE 2 Nordavind 1

Turkish representative 9INE won 2-1 against Nordavind team in ESEA MDL Season 35 Europe Relegation. The Teams played against each other on the Dust2, Inferno, and Vertigo maps, and 9INE became the side that reached to next round.

In the first map Dust2, where CyderX and Qutionerx stood out, our representative managed to win 16-7. In the second map Inferno, the match ended 19-16 in overtime as Kevin “HS” Tarn from the Nordavind team, carried his team. The final map to determine the winner, Vertigo, was finished 16-12 by our representative. 9INE got a big advantage for MDL.

Jesper ‘TENZKI‘ Plougmann67-57+101.18
Kevin ‘HS‘ Tarn76-60+161.14
Ådne ‘sense‘ Fredriksen49-62-130.97
Thomas ‘Ryxxo‘ Nielsen40-57-170.84
Thomas ‘haste‘ Dyrensborg38-63-250.72
Baran ‘Izzy‘ Yılmaz66-43+231.25
Yasin ‘xfl0ud‘ Koç64-54+101.12
Doğukan ‘QutionerX‘ Dural64-67-31.10
Caner ‘CyderX‘ Demir56-55+11.01
Doğukan ‘qRaxs‘ Balaban49-54-50.98

One last Step to MDL!

You can follow 9INE’s critical encounter for MDL on the Rootthegamer Twitch channel with the presentation of Özgür “root” Alagül. We wish the teams a fair and nice match!

Furkan Özdemir
Furkan Özdemir
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