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Movistar Riders Fired The Cheating Player!

Recently, the increasing issue of cheating in Valorant has also hit the esports industry. Esports organization Movistar Riders fired Rui “rapaztriste” Fonseca from its VALORANT team for cheating. The organization made a statement on Twitter and officially announced that the rapper was caught cheating during the LVP Rising Series qualifiers.

Movistar said on its official twitter account:

“rapaztriste” is no longer our Valorant player.

As a result Movistar Riders fired the cheating player. The exact method of Rapaztriste’s cheating is still unknown. The rest of the Movistar Riders were naturally banned from participating in the current qualifiers. However, he will be invited to play again in the second series in April. The Movistar Riders management and players apologized to all teams and the esports community that participated in the tournament.

Current Movistar Riders VALORANT Squad

  • Carlos “scarx” Enrique Sánchez
  • Maks “kamyk” Rychlewski
  • Mihály “Tishler” Kállai
  • Michael “mikigoalie” Buzek

We hope that Riot Games will now take action to prevent these cheating players. Defeating the rights of innocent players in this way is a situation that makes everyone sad. This cannot be prevented only by reporting cheaters.

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