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Only35 Is Back In TCL!

Whether it is because we entered the new year or because there are 3 days left for the season to start, we are full of great and good transfer news. The most recent of these news is that Mehmet “Only35” Emin Aydın will be wearing the blue jersey. We are used to seeing him in blue from his old teams 1907 Fenerbahçe and Istanbul Wildcats; this time at Team Aurora. Also, this transfer means that he has returned to the TCL for the first time since the Summer Season of 2019.

With the statement made differently from the normal player transfer announcements as seen in the tweet above, it has been officially confirmed that Only35 is the new support of Team Aurora. Even though the other members of the team are not yet finalized, it does not affect Only35’s happiness.

Emin”Only35”Aydın: I am grateful for returning to TCL. I hope you guys have missed me.

This year looks like it will be a good year to watch TCL. Teams starting from zero, returning legends, whatever you are looking for, in short. What’s better to do than watch esports when everyone is at home?

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Kaan Peker
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