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OtherSide Esports Parted Ways With Its PUBG Team!

Otherside Esports has parted ways with 4 players from the PUBG squad.

OtherSide Esports, which has become a team that made a name for itself with performances in many games, has parted ways with its PUBG squad. However, the OtherSide did not share any announcements on any social media account that they parted ways with the players. Even the news of the separation came through the personal Twitter accounts of the players.

Here are the disbanded players:

  • ToygaaR
  • ThePithoo
  • Corpsebag
  • Zuveris

Corpsebag, from this disbanded roster, stated on his personal Twitter account that they parted ways with OtherSide Esports, but the roster remained the same and they were open to team offers.

As the Esportimes team, we wish this separation to be beneficial for both parties.

Ertuğrul Ergül
Ertuğrul Ergül
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